A Father’s Forgiveness

Greetings my lovely blog followers!  For the next few posts in the faith section I am going to be sharing with you some papers I wrote in my theology course, freshmen year of college at St. Benedict’s.  I really enjoyed that class and would love to share some of it with all of you!

The following piece was written, October 24th, 2005.

A Father’s Forgiveness

     “Just so, I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance”(Luke 15.7).  This quote, taken directly from the scripture written by Luke, is a foreshadowing of the story of the prodigal son previewed in the following section.  It speaks of the great joy God receives when a person finds their faith, is able to truly believe in God and seeks forgiveness of their sins.  That person now has hope in a sometimes hopeless world, and purpose, in a world that questions the purpose of humankind daily.

     Luke 15.11 – 15.32 is a story displaying God’s compassion and grace for those who will repent and return to God.  While the father in this parable is very appreciative of his older son’s obedience, the younger son’s return to life must be celebrated.  His son could have been lost forever, but he found the strength to return and admit his mistakes.  It is a humbling experience to admit you were wrong to anyone, especially your family.  The older son is essentially being celebrated everyday because everything that belongs to his father belongs to him as well.  The younger son may have fallen into temptation, but the father understands that he has already received his punishment from shame and starvation.  It is a fatherly duty to welcome him back into his home and rejoice.

     The father in the parable is a parallel to our Father, God.  God is all-knowing, and will forgive us when we repent.  His patience and understating is unfathomable to the human race, but greatly appreciated.  To those in dire need of redemption, this story is a light, a beacon of hope.

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