Organic Spray Tan = Miracle in a Bottle!

It’s arrived!  A spray tan that is organic!  This may not be the first, but it is certainly the first I have heard about!  I have not had a chance to use this product yet, but it seems to be getting rave reviews all over the place!

The product is called Lavish Tan and it consists of a 99% organic solution made from brown sugar naturally derived from apples and combined with anti-aging ingredients, aloe, CoQ10, and vitamins.  The tan is supposed to be free from streaks and will not make you look orange.

Check out the before and after photo of Blake Lively after using the product.  Looks pretty realistic to me!

The only immediate draw back that I noticed is that it appears to be pretty pricey (as most quality products are).  One bottle is $45, and you are supposed to be able to get about 2-3 full body tans out of it, or 30-40 facial/chest tans.  In the winter you can probably get away with only spraying your face and upper chest area, but in the summer you might look a little silly.

Winter is almost over, or at least I am dreaming that it will be soon!  Then you can get back to getting your lovely vitamin D from natural sunlight, but this might be something worth trying to hold you over until summer officially arrives.

If anyone has tried this product, please let me know if you liked it!  If I decide to splurge, I will let you know what I think!

Until next time,

Be Well!

Check out their website!

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2 thoughts on “Organic Spray Tan = Miracle in a Bottle!

  1. Lorene says:

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    • kristamary says:

      Hi Lorene,

      Thank you for the tip! I have not really kept up with this website since having my son this past October! Perhaps, if I find the time to write again I will look into this.


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