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The Fuel Film Review

The Fuel Film

Star Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The Fuel Film won the 2008 Sundance Audience Award and it is easy to see why.  The film takes you along for the ride as eco-evangelist, Josh Tickell, embarks on a journey to find an alternative fuel source to move away from our addiction to oil.  The film is put together very well and opens your mind to the possibility of Earth finally having a bright future once again, if we make changes in our daily lives.  You will not be disappointed by taking the time to educate yourself with this film!

The film is currently available on netflix, otherwise you can find more at their website below!

The film gives the following advice for “10 Things You Can Do Now!”

10. Alter Your Transportation

– Take the bus

– Bike and walk

– Inflate your tires

– Get a hybrid or electrical car

– Get a diesel car (it will run on biofuel)

– Use sustainable fuel

9. Switch Your School Buses

– Lobby your principal, PTA, and school to switch to sustainable biodiesel.

8.  Buy Wind

– Get a wind turbine

– Invest in wind energy

– Switch your electricity provider to a company with wind power

 7.  Get Solar

– Put solar panels on your house

– Invest in solar energy

– Switch your electricity provider to a company with solar energy
6.  Invest in Algae

– Put your money into sustainable algae companies

5. Grow Food and Trees Locally

– Plant trees

– Start a community garden

– Learn about organic, biodynamic, and sustainable farming

4.  Go Carbon Neutral

– Stop using petroleum

– Eat lower on the food chain

– Sign up for carbon offsets

3.  Conserve Energy & Increase Efficiency

– Buy and use energy-efficient devices

– Turn off lights and unused appliances

– Retrofit your house or apartment

2.  Dig Beneath the Headlines and Educate Yourself

– Fact check and do your own research

– Don’t confuse the news with government and corporate PR

1.  Vote for “Non-Fossil” Politicians

– Vote for leaders that aren’t owned by oil, coal, and nuclear interests because

Together We Can Change The World!

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Green Chic: Saving the Earth in Style – Book Review


If the idea of creating a more green lifestyle seems like a scary and overwhelming task, I definitely recommend that you read, Green Chic- Saving the Earth in Style by Christie Matheson.  The book has oodles of easy ways to start living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle through simple and manageable tips and tricks.  A caution to all the men out there; this book is definitely catered towards a female audience… in case you couldn’t tell.

Christie is extremely easy for the average gal to relate to because she is not a veteran environmentalist.  She has no desire to make radical changes like only taking cold showers or moving into a house made out of tires.  (Although those are pretty sweet!)  She is a writer that usually deals specifically with writing pieces on food, wine and fashion.  When she had her “ah-ha” moment of why living green was so important, she incorporated her vast knowledge of food, wine, and fashion and combined them with a green lifestyle.  The result is an extremely successful approach at making the first small steps towards contributing to preserving our amazing planet.

The book covers the following topics:

  • Green Living Baby Steps
  • Green Living in the Home
  • Food, Wine and More
  • Beauty and Personal Care
  • Fashion
  • Transportation and Travel
  • Parties and Celebrations

Praise for Green Chic

” Appealing to readers’ sense of style, Matheson slyly steers us toward consumer good and services that minimize our earth-stomping human footprint.  She’s brave enough to say ‘buy less of everything,’ and even the politically fraught ‘buy nothing.’  Matheson’s genius is to make this seem not only doable, but fun.”

– Elizabeth Royte, author of Garbage Lane: On the Secret Trail of Trash and Bottlemania: How Water Went On Sale and Why We Bought It

“Green Chic is a bible for any environmentally conscious fashionphile – from a green dry clean to a pure pedicure, Matheson serves up style in a life guide to saving the planet and looking good doing it!”

-Jill Kargman, author of Momzillas

This is definitely a book that I would recommend purchasing because you will want to highlight and tab all the fabulous information she has to offer.  I will post a link below where you can get the book on Amazon for about $5!!

Happy Reading!

Link to Amazon:

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