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Why Go Green?

Alright, so this probably should have been my first post under Green Living.  But, better late than never!  In this post I will show you the vast number of environmental issues happening right now that should intrigue you to want to figure out you how you can go green. The following posts in Green Living will look further into these issues and explain what you can do to make choices that are more environmentally friendly in the future.

Why go green you ask?  There are three main reasons to consider living a more “green” lifestyle.

1. To preserve biodiversity/species.

2. To protect our environment.

3. To ensure generations to follow will have a place to call home.

Going green has been getting a lot of attention lately, but unfortunately we are still doing much more to hurt our Earth than to help her.  Species are going extinct and natural habitats are being destroyed because of the lifestyles that we choose to live.  The word cloud below just shows a few of the serious issues that we are facing in regards to the environment.

While the problems may seem too big to tackle, that is definitely not the case. Don’t get me wrong, they are BIG problems, but small changes made by a large group of people can help to solve those problems.  I think the key to solving the issues is really going to be looking outside of yourself.  We need to look at how our actions are effecting the world as a whole. The small changes are easier to make when you can see the impact they will have.

Nature really is just absolutely fabulous when you take the time to look closer and drink in all the lovely details that make up Earth.  Please join me on this journey to explore the issues and find ways we can help.

Happy Tree Hugging!

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