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Where Does Evil Come From?

In a political science course I took while in college at the University of Minnesota, we were asked to come up with an example of a situation that did not make sense.  I feel like it had a specific term, but I can’t seem to recall it.  The thought that sprang to my mind was one that I had thought of several times before, and I still have no answer.

If God created everything; absolutely EVERYTHING.

And if God is all GOOD, every single molecule.  

Then how did evil ever develop in any of His creations?

 If something is completely good, how can it create evil, or even the potential for evil?

This question does not make me question my faith in Jesus one bit, but only reminds me that I will never be able to figure out all of the mysteries of God.  However, it is still interesting to try to dive in and think through this perplexity.  Does anyone have any other examples of things in the Christian faith that do not make sense to you?  Please share.  I would love to hear everyone else’s thoughts!

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